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Episode 18 - Sony and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Past Few Weeks

Welcome to Episode 18 and in this episode, we gotta be honest – Sony has had a very bad couple weeks of press coverage. Between Vita store closings, Xbox Game Pass hitting home runs and E3 returning without Sony, it is making us wonder what’s going on for our beloved console. As always we dig into three topics and for this episode we talk about:

MLB The Show ’21 is now a cross platform game being produced by Sony first party AND it is available day one on Xbox Game Pass. How could Sony have let this happen, could they have even stopped this and what are fans thinking about this move?

We dig deeper into Microsoft’s big play with Game Pass and Sony’s response, or lack of. We know that Jim Ryan has said there is a Game Pass answer coming and they are not ready to reveal it but will Xbox be making big strides while Sony is left behind?

Finally, we talk about E3 returning with Microsoft, Nintendo and others sponsoring, but who is conspicuously absent? Our beloved franchise, Sony. Is Sony skipping out on E3 again? Will they be hosting their own event to give fans what they crave?

We break it all down and more. As always, you can reach out to us on Twitter or through the podcast email. We always look forward to hearing from our listeners their thoughts on the episode and would love to entertain listener questions.

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