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Episode 20 - Vita Island Rejoices / Returnal Trophy List Revealed / US Game Spending Is Still UP

Here we are at the big TWO OH, Episode 20. Another incremented number, no more special than the previous number, but special just because it exists. In this episode, we rejoice with Vita Island that Sony has reversed their decision to close the PS3 and PS Vita stores this summer. The PSP store will take its last breath, as scheduled. We break down what this means and why Sony took so long to reverse their decision.

We take a sneak peak at the Returnal Trophy list and try to keep spoilers as free as possible. Is this an “EASY” trophy list, a “GOOD” trophy list and does it help us determine what kind of game we’ll be playing soon?

Finally, we look at some recent data from that shows that US game spending is still UP over the past few months. Are we in a game spending bubble? Will this crash at some point and will the rise of subscription services like PS Now or Game Pass contribute to the decline?

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