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Episode 32 - Nintendo Switch OLED / SteamDeck / Reviewing Games On Easy

Episode 32 is out and while it’s a fairly slow PlayStation news week, that doesn’t mean the rest of the game industry is sleeping. As always, we review three different topics and look at it through the lens of PlayStation and more importantly, gamers.

Nintendo has announced the Nintendo Switch OLED, the successor to the Nintendo Switch. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Should you upgrade?

Steam has also announced a new entry into the handheld market, the SteamDeck. Is it a gaming computer? Is it a handheld? We break it down.

Lastly, we talk about a Twitter kerfuffle happening where some game journalists review games on easy and won’t review it on hard. Do you care about this? Does it matter and how much power do gaming journalists have in the face of new media personalities?

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