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Episode 7 - Star Wars: An Ubisoft Massive Project / Indiana Jones and the License with Bethesda / Hogwarts Legacy and the Delay til 2022

In this episode, Joe and Micah discuss the big gaming news of the week that just so happens to be related to successful, beloved movie franchises.

In our first topic, we talk about Massive Entertainment, an Ubisoft studio, producing a Star Wars game. This marks a departure from the EA license agreement and as the developer is well known for their Division series of games, what kind of game will this be? Is this a reflection on EA’s handling of the Star Wars IP?

Lucasfilm Games and Bethesda announce an Indiana Jones game to be developed by MachineGames. MachineGames is known for their hit series Wolfenstein and sequels.

Finally, the first casualty of delays for 2021 is Hogwarts Legacy. What does this mean for the game? Should there be concern for a delay til 2022? If you have any questions you want to write in, please do so through or reach us on Twitter through our handle PlayNationPod.

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